How To Beat The Machine Set Out To Destroy Your Body, Life, & Future

Mar 22nd, 2015

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How To Beat The Machine Set Out To Destroy Your Body, Life, & Future


As much as I prefer to be an optimist, it’s time we looked at the facts:

Two out of three in the U.S. & U.K overweight or obese…

400,000 + premature weight related deaths annually…

Needless suffering from weight related physical illnesses…

Why such horrible statistics, when we’re surrounded by countless solutions, products, and experts?

It’s the “machine” you face everyday.

The machine never gets tired. It never goes away. And it never gives up.

The machine only has one job:

Convince you to do the opposite of what’s best for your ONE AND ONLY body, life, and future.

Sometimes the machine is clever and will try to trick you. It will tell you manufactured “health” foods are good for you.

Sometimes the machine flat out lies. It will tell you diet and weight loss products work.

And sometimes the machine tries to convince you unhealthy choices are worth it because you “deserve” it.

Most people fail here not because they eat too much natural food, they fail because they can’t counter the devastating effects of all the manufactured foods the machine convinces them to buy.

How do you beat something unbeatable?

You refuse to play.

Deepak Chopra said in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, when you are constantly classifying, labeling, and evaluating, you ”create a lot of turbulence in your internal dialogue.”

In other words, rather than get into mental battles with the machine, take a step back and realize what the machine is doing:

Convincing you by whatever means possible, to put your money into it’s bank account. And trust me, the machine doesn’t care if you end up overweight, depressed, and suffering from a heart attack, stroke, diabetes, or cancer.

I know “internal dialogue turbulence” may sound a little new age or esoteric, so allow me to translate:

When you refuse to play the “make an exception” game with what the machine is relentlessly trying to sell you, you win.

So forget about calories, points, diets, and fat blockers and instead focus on the true crux of the issue:

Taking control of your body and life in world that doesn’t want you to have it

Make no mistake my friend, this skill – not a pill, diet, or hormone injection – is what will allow you to live not only with vibrant health, but incredible clarity of thought and true personal freedom.

Is beating the machine “worth it?” Let’s see:

A mind full of internal arguments, justifications, and conflict… or a clear and simple path.

Enslaved to the machine… or free to live on your terms.

Staying where you are… or becoming the person you know you were meant to become.

I promise on everything I hold sacred, freeing yourself from the machine is worth it in ways you can’t begin to imagine.

To your health and success, and may God bless,


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