Four “Health” Foods Secretly Making You Fat

Jan 29th, 2014

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Four “Health” Foods Secretly Making You Fat


I still vividly remember one of my most degrading physical transformation failures. I was sick and tired of being fat- and this time I was going to do something about it.

So for starters, I gave up donuts and switched to a “healthy” breakfast:

Whole wheat waffles, yogurt, and orange juice. [Little did I know I might as well as stuck with the donuts.]

I repeated “healthy” choices like these for all of my meals- because I meant it this time- I was going to change things.

About a month later, I hadn’t dropped a pound.

I gave up in humiliation thinking “What’s the use? Obviously I have a slow metabolism. Dieting just doesn’t work for me.”

It’s not that I wasn’t sincere… It’s not that I didn’t try…

It was because I had no idea I was being lied to and attempting the impossible.

It’s this “lack of the right knowledge” that makes losing weight so difficult, especially in America. Why is it so difficult to get the right knowledge?

I don’t mean to sound harsh, but the number one reason is:

There’s more money to be made by lying to you.

Giant food manufactures can’t put their name on and “brand” the right common foods that will get your body to do most of the weight loss “work” for you.

So they create foods they can put their name on. The problem is, manufactured foods make you fat. [If you want more info as to why, read my article on Insulin Resistance and How To Radically Speed Fat Burning.]

With that being said, here’s four of the worst offenders:

1. Whole Grain Cereals, Breads, Pastas, etc.

I know whole gain cereals are often associated with attractive young models doing yoga on the beach while doing something like “The Special K Challenge” but here’s the truth:

Whole grain cereal is often highly processed and has added sugar [which is often disguised as "evaporated cane juice"].

Another of the health pitches of grains is the fiber, however, the insulin spike [which shuts off your fat burning] outweighs any of the fiber benefits. [The fiber in fruits and veggies is much better for you.]

True, a lot of health experts say whole grain breads and pastas are good for you- and as proof say athletes eat them all the time- but here’s the story:

People doing serious and strenuous training need energy- which they get from whole grains- but they’re not trying to lose weight.

Athletes are trying to build strength and endurance- which requires extra calories. People that want to burn fat want as few calories as possible from foods that are quickly turned into sugar by your body- which is exactly what happens with grains.

When bodybuilders or fitness models want to lean out- the FIRST thing that goes are grains.

2. Most Yogurts

Most yogurt, even if it’s fat-free, contains sugar or high-fructose corn syrup. However, organic plain Greek yogurt or plain unsweetened yogurt is an exception.

Mix in some berries and you have an ideal healthy replacement for the giant food processing company versions. Just read the label and make sure there’s only one ingredient: Milk.

3. Energy / Protein Bars

When I was struggling to lose weight, these tricked me too. However, most of these are basically candy bars with some whey or soy protein mixed in.

Now I make my own snacks out of raisins and assorted nuts. If you’d like to sweeten it up a little, add some dark chocolate baking chips. [Just don't get too carried away, as most chips contain sugar]. Not only is your own mix healthier for you, it’s a lot cheaper.

4. Any Diet Food

This gets back to the reality of food manufactures exploiting the average persons lack of knowledge. We’ve all been lead to believe that in order to lose weight, you need to cut calories, and one of the best ways to cut calories is to get rid of sugar.

However… the chemicals they use to replace the sugar are worse for you than the sugar. Read my article on The Five Sweeteners You Must Avoid if you want more details.

Here’s something to remember: “Perfection isn’t reached when you know everything about nutrition and exercise. Perfection is when thereʼs nothing useless or unnecessary to take away.”

Meaning if you remove all the health foods, meal plans, and systems everyone wants to sell you- and just focus on the true crux of the issue:

Eating natural foods and challenging yourself physically, your amazing body will take over and do what it already desperately wants to do:

Get lean, healthy, look younger, work better, and last as long as possible.


P.S. Please, please, PLEASE remember, knowing what’s actually healthy to eat and do is only step one. What matters is being able to make healthy choices – when the entire world and at first your own mind – are pressuring you to do the opposite. If you’d like help with discovering how to permanently live a healthy lifestyle, I invite you to learn more about the New Body New Life Program by clicking here.

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