My #1 Life Changing Exercise

Sep 21st, 2013

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My #1 Life Changing Exercise


I have an important “exercise” for you today…

I can virtually guarantee if you do this, you won’t recognize your body and life in just a few short weeks.


Here’s what you do:

Right after you read this, write a letter addressed to yourself that includes the following:

1. Where you are today with your weight- and food and exercise choices. IMPORTANT: Be honest, write how things actually are, not as you think they should be.

2. Write 3 things you KNOW you must do in order to go from where you are  now physically, to where you want to be. Be specific – if it’s choosing healthy snacks, no longer giving into late night junk food cravings, or going for a walk once a day – doesn’t matter. What matters is that you know deep down it will make a difference.

3. Here comes the hard- but MOST NECESSARY part: Write down exactly what you will look, act, and feel like if you do nothing. If by the time you open this letter – you have not taken ONE proactive step toward what you know you need to do – describe how you will feel AND how your family and friends will feel about you.

4. Finally, write down how you will feel and what your life will look like AFTER you made the positive changes. What will you see in the mirror? What will your family and friends feel about your transformation? Who else will be inspired by your courage, determination, and success? What will change in your personal life (more energy for hobbies or the kids, new clothes, self confidence, etc.) BE SPECIFIC!

Write all of this in a one page letter.

Print out and mail TWO copies to yourself.

On ONE copy, on the outside of the envelope, write this:

“OPEN IN 3 DAYS:” Then put the date (3 days from today.)

On the OTHER copy, on the outside of the envelope, write this:

“OPEN IN FORTY DAYS.” Put that date on the envelope.

Open the first in 3 days. Why 3 days? Because unless you’ve taken action within THREE DAYS of writing this letter to yourself, the odds of you EVER taking action decrease by almost 90%.

I you really want to change your life, that should mean something to you.

The 3 days is your reminder – a reminder to ACT (because all the knowledge and good intentions in the world are useless without action) and to remind you that taking just three positive actions can change your life and future in ways you never imagined.

If you’ve taken action in those three days- you will feel amazing after you read that letter KNOWING you’ve taken positive steps toward success… and your friends and family will be equally proud of you as well.

But if you haven’t already, then take action as if your life depended on it (because when it comes to your health, it does.)

Then, forty days later, open the other letter…

And, if you took action…


Take note of how much your life has changed since writing that letter.

I promise you on everything I hold sacred, it will astonish you.

Do my “two letters exercise” and your next 3 days… and your next 40 days… will set you on the straightest path to not only transforming your body- but life and future as well.

One more time, do it now.


Author of The New Body New Life Program

P.S. If you read this and take no action, don’t be surprised if nothing substantial changes in your life.

People that make life altering changes take action… and this is one of the greatest “take action” exercises I’ve ever used.

I’ve NEVER seen it fail.

Please, for the sake of your future- and the sake of everyone that looks up to you or needs you-  DO IT.

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