FTC Drops The Hammer On Sensa / Automatic Fat Loss Spots Open

Mar 2nd, 2014

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FTC Drops The Hammer On Sensa / Automatic Fat Loss Spots Open


Finally! Some good news on the diet and weight loss scam front.

The FTC has FINALLY dropped the hammer on five of the largest
companies preying on the naive and gullible – the largest of which was Sensa, the miracle weight loss “sprinkle.”

The only thing I’d like to know is what took them so long?

Long time readers will know I warned this was a TOTAL FRAUD
when it first appeared several years ago.

The 360 million dollars lost by trusting consumers doesn’t even
begin to factor in the real cost:

The countless people that failed and will give up – never to try
again -thinking the problem was with them.

If you’ve ever bought ANY product to help transform your body -
and it didn’t work – do NOT feel bad.

There’s no product made and there NEVER will be that will work
to change your body – because all products are either scams or
“collective solutions.”

Scams can’t work and collective solutions don’t work for
individual issues. 


And that includes EVERY “mainstream” diet and weight loss
program you see heavily advertised on TV and the Internet.

You will never hear this because the money is in products, but
products are not the solution.

The ONLY permanent solution is YOU.

On that note, I have a handful of slots open for individual

You can learn more about how it works by watching the “How
To Put Your Body Into A State Of Automatic Fat Loss” Video.

Here’s the bottom line:

I will personally help you see what individual barriers are
keeping you from transforming your body, life, and future;
and tell you how to fix them.

Who it’s for:

Anyone that’s ready to change. Look, you can’t expect to keep
doing what you’ve been doing and expect a different result, so
you’re going to have to change some things.


The difference between fast success and slow plodding failure
is much smaller than most people realize.

For example, several years ago I was coaching someone that
was eating right and exercising very hard – but was ready to call
it quits because his results were zero – and he was beginning to
believe it just wasn’t worth it.

I “fixed” the problem in two seconds.

[He was drinking a heavily advertised product that he thought he
was "supposed" to drink while he was exercising - but had no
idea it was that very same product that kept him from using his
body fat for fuel.]

That’s the way it is for most people that are struggling.

They often have one or two small areas that are causing them to
fight themselves – and when we fix those – their body does what it already desperately wants to do:

Heal and repair itself while they go about their day not doing
anything special [hence the name "Automatic" Fat Loss :]

With the increasing demands on my schedule I don’t know how
much longer I’ll be able to offer individual coaching – but I
really do enjoy helping people get “unstuck.”

So if you’re tired of failing here and are ready to take your body,
life, and future into your own hands…

Watch the video here and if the green “open” button appears
about half way through, there’s still spots available.

To your health and success, and may God bless,


P.S. If you don’t think this was the best investment ever made
in your body, life, and future, you have a full 60 days to request
a complete refund. 

You won’t have to explain or even talk to me.

I know challenging everything the mainstream tells them isn’t
for everyone. [I will say I've never had ONE person refund out
of my personal coaching programs.] But if something major
comes up, no worries, we’ll still be friends. 

Regardless of the
amount of time we’ll spend together, I know you’ll come away
with life changing knowledge, and to me, that’s priceless.

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