The Biggest Cause Of Weight Loss Failue? Money.

Mar 6th, 2015

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The Biggest Cause Of Weight Loss Failue? Money.


As someone that failed at having a body and life I could be proud of for over 30 years, I know it can be frustrating when someone says success here is actually simple.

But it’s true.

When you help people do this for as long as I have, you get a clear understanding of the common “barriers.”

And by far, I’d have to say the biggest one is trying to succeed with the wrong information – which has it’s roots not in poor research – but money.

With all the tools at our disposal, successfully transforming our bodies in today’s society, in theory, should be a totally simple and straightforward process.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true.

Why? Money.

Let’s say you want to learn how to swim. After a little trial and error, as long as you don’t quit, you will learn without a problem.

Now let’s say you want to lose weight. Statistics show you have a 5% chance of success.

That’s because when you want to learn how to swim, there’s no money in leading you down the wrong path, so you’ll learn how right from the start.

However, when it comes to weight loss, BILLIONS of dollars are spent to insure your failure.

Giant food processing companies spend billions convincing you that foods like yogurt, vegetable oils, and sport drinks are good you for – when the opposite is true.

Giant diet and weight loss companies spend billions convincing you their diet, meal plan, or system is the answer – when the facts show most people that buy commercial diets end up weighing more in several years.

Giant fast food and junk food companies spend billions convincing you that their highly processed foods are a fun treat that you and your children deserve – when they lead to insulin resistance and permanent fat storage.

It only takes two things to succeed here:

The right information, and applying that information to your life in a way that fits your preferences and circumstances.

Which is made 1000 times harder than it has to be, because there’s so much money to be made by feeding you misinformation and convincing you that unhealthy choices are somehow no big deal.

If you want to succeed here in the fastest, simplest, and healthiest way possible, begin by removing what the “world” wants to sell you.

And I don’t want to sound harsh, but until you get this step down, everything else you do, know, or buy is going to be meaningless. Why?

Because as the 95% failure rate shows, it’s virtually impossible to make progress and fight yourself at the same time.

Focus on the true crux of the issue: Eating natural food and challenging yourself physically.

 Very soon you will transform not just your body, but life and future in ways you can’t begin to imagine.

As always, hope this helps.


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