The Only Fitness Tip You Really Need

Feb 28th, 2015

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The Only Fitness Tip You Really Need


Is it…

“Drink water instead of soda.”


“Take the stairs instead of the elevator.”

what about…

“Eat a handful of nuts instead of a candy bar.”

Nope, it’s not your “typical” tip – which I hope you see is a good thing – since most people are failing with mainstream tips and advice.

Why’s that?

Because if all it took was tips, everyone could easily transform their body and life.

Tips are a snippet of knowledge, nothing more. And while the right knowledge is crucial, what matters more than all the knowledge in the universe is this underlying all critical learn-able skill:

Being able to actually put that knowledge to use in a way that fits your life.

Make no mistake, knowledge isn’t what separates the successes from the failures.

It’s action.

If you’ve been trying to transform your body for any length of time, you’ve likely realized that success is 99% mental.

Meaning it’s not what you know or buy that counts, it’s what you do.

Hopefully you’ve also realized that nothing is going to speed your progress, change your metabolism, improve your body composition, elevate your mood, help you burn fat [and about 1000 other good things] than a daily physical challenge.

So the question you need to be asking yourself is not “What’s the best fitness tips?” but rather “How do I get active?”

Here’s where it gets interesting:

Some of the top elite athletes are not all that different from me and you.

While they may be more genetically gifted than many of us – they still need to put those genetics to use – and to do that, they oftentimes “trick” themselves mentally.

For example, one of the top bodybuilders in the world recently said that when he doesn’t feel like working out, he just tells himself “I’ll just stop by the gym, say hi to my friends, and if I feel like lifting some weights, I’ll just take it easy today.”

He said that once he got just started, he never once took it easy.

If you’re not weightlifting [you should be] just apply the same “trick” to whatever.

For example, if all you can do is go for a walk right now, that’s fine. That’s where you start.

Tell yourself “Since I don’t feel like going for a walk, I’ll just put on my walking shoes and go out for some fresh air.”

The same “trick” applies to whatever you’re doing. If you’re running, swimming, biking, using a treadmill – it doesn’t matter.

Here’s what matters:

That you set the precedent of doing something.

Allow me to quote from the New Body New Life Program:

When it comes to longevity and quality of life, doing absolutely nothing for your body is the worst thing possible. “Nothing” is your greatest enemy. “Nothing” with destroy “everything” faster than “anything.”

So instead of another meaningless platitude – you now know a tip that will actually make a difference in your life – so put it to use starting today!

Remember, it’s not the specific foods or exercises that change your life.

What will give you boundless energy, have your friends begging to know how you did it, and change your life in ways you can’t
imagine is being able to take positive action…

When the entire world [and for the first few weeks your own mind] are relentlessly pressuring you to do the opposite.

If you’d like to live with not only vibrant health, but incredible clarity and true personal freedom, watch the New Body New Life Free Video Presentation here.

To your health and success, and may God bless,


P.S. If you’ve failed at a physical transformation in the past, don’t give up. The world wants to keep you beholden to as many unhealthy things as possible.  Watch the presentation now, and take back your body, life, and future – because we will never change our future or our children’s future – until we first change ourselves.

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