How To Lose Fat Quickly Regardless Of What Life Has Handed You

Apr 5th, 2015

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How To Lose Fat Quickly Regardless Of What Life Has Handed You

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We all have “issues” that stand in the way of our best body and life. For example, I have some of the worst genetics possible for looking healthy and fit. Here’s me as a “Skinny Fat” 50 year old at my skinniest, 140 pounds, after I lost about 1/3 of my body weight.

The worst thing about being “Skinny Fat” is that you have a naturally high body fat “set point” so you really have to fight your genetics to lose fat – and when you remove that fat – what’s left isn’t a buff muscular body, but a thin little body.

Believe me, I wish I had an athletic, muscular body, but that’s not the hand I was dealt.

The good news is, regardless of your issue [unless it's a serious underlying medical condition] the basic principles that never fail will work for you as well. [And if you have "normal" genetics imagine how great you'll look.]

The “trick” is to make sure you’re starting out with a solid foundation – i.e. the right knowledge – this way you won’t be fighting yourself [which will soon have you giving up in frustration].

Regardless of your issues, genetics, metabolism, etc. – the basics are the same: Natural food [and if you want to speed things up even more, activity].

When I want my body to do most of the fat burning “work” for me [instead of having to exercise like crazy to burn off fat] I change up my meals. Note- I DO NOT try to go hungry or deprive myself. That’s a recipe for failure. Here’s what will make up the bulk of what I eat:

Lean Protein, for example:

Chicken breast
Turkey breast
Roast Beef
Steak (or some lean red meat)
Tilapia [or some other lean, white fish] Assorted Shellfish
Cottage cheese
Regular cheese [NOT low fat]

Protein shakes (whey or casein, with carbs under 5 grams per serving)

Next are fibrous carbs. Basically veggies that are high in fiber and low in calorie density.

Green beans
Bell peppers [any color]

Tomatoes (yes I know, technically a fruit)
Lettuce/ leafy salad greens
Carrots (technically a starch but still high fiber and low cal)
Brussels Sprouts

When you put a lean protein and a fibrous carb together you have a maximum fat burning meal [the high protein content is thermogenic and the veggies fill you up without a lot of calories]. For most people, this will put your body into a state of “automatic fat loss.”

For example, for breakfast I’ll make an omelet with three or four eggs, a bunch of chopped veggies, a bunch of grated cheese [usually a mix of goat, sheep, and feta- or just plain cheddar if I'm feeling lazy] and then I top the whole thing off with salsa. I may even toss in a sausage or two.

This way I can eat as much as I want.

You can try to lose body fat an endless number of ways, but this is BY FAR the easiest way I know of.

It’s easy on your mind because you can eat as much as you want, and it’s easiest on your body because you’re giving it what it was designed and created to eat:

Whole natural food.

No bland frozen meals, no so called health foods, no bizarre hormone injections, cleansing, juicing, fat blockers, or appetite suppressants – nothing.

As a matter of fact, it works so well, it’s exactly how professional bodybuilders and fitness models get so lean before a contest or photo shoot. [They will however, add in some starchy carbs to keep their energy levels up- which I do as well- along with some select fruits, nuts, and other foods.]

If you’d like to learn how to do this as well, I think you’ll enjoy this FREE video presentation:

How To Put Your Body Into A State Of Automatic Fat Loss

To your health, success, and freedom – and may God bless,


P.S. I’m often asked if you HAVE to exercise, and no you don’t have to [but it will help you burn fat even faster]. Bottom line what works is taking what never fails, and adapting it to fit your “issues.” We’ll cover that – and much more

How To Put Your Body Into A State Of Automatic Fat Loss


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